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10 Budget Friendly Tips to Tour Europe

Europe may be a small continent but it’s rich in history, culture, architecture, gastronomic adventures, and a whole lot more. It’s no wonder that millions of tourists flock to the different countries that make up the bloc. But Europe has a reputation for being very expensive. Countries like Switzerland, France and the United Kingdom (see the UK budget trips in this handy article) can seem so expensive as to be out of reach of most budget travellers. But with a little knowledge, you can travel far and have a wonderful trip in this incredibly rich and diverse continent. You, too, can enjoy a tour of Europe even on a limited budget. Here are our10 budget friendly tips for an affordable and memorable holiday in Europe.

1.       Go budget travel

You can easily save a lot if you travel on budget transportation. You have excellent choices of buses, trains, and even airlines that offer cheap seats. However, you may have to lower your expectations a bit especially when it comes to airplane legroom.

2.       Consider BlaBlaCar

Europeans will generally be delighted to have you on board their car. This concept of ride-sharing can be particularly budget-saving if you’re traveling alone or maybe as a pair with no large and heavy luggage. If you’re talking about a family, then ride-sharing might not really an option.

3.       Always check with the local tourist information booth

Each month, European destinations provide international travellers with a bevy of options when it comes to enjoying the many attractions that the country has to offer. Always check with the local tourist information for all-inclusive passes as well as other forms of discounted products.

4.       When in Rome…

You know what they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. You’re touring a different country with a different culture. Why not simply make the most out of it and do as the locals do? This simply means eating where locals eat and buying things where the locals buy their stuff.

5.       Buy a local SIM card

Forget activating your roaming features as it can be ridiculously expensive. Purchase a local SIM card, preferably one that is designed for internet data use only. You can then use this for all of your internet-, SMS-, and call- related activities.

6.       Sleep at a hostel or even rent an apartment

Instead of going first class hotel accommodation, why not just sacrifice a bit of luxury for a good set of comfy beddings? Anyway, you’re travelling to Europe to see its sights and not to stay and rest in its hotels.

7.       Steer clear of the city center

You might think that you’re saving a lot since you’re staying right where the action is. On the contrary, you’d end up paying more because it is naturally more expensive the nearer you are to the city center.

8.       Go shopping at discount grocers

There are many discount stores, shops, and supermarkets all over Europe. If you’re looking for big brand items, then you’re not really here on a budget.

9.       Go slow on the drinks

European beers may not be as expensive as what you may have at home but they can easily rack up. If you have to drink, buy your bottles at the supermarket.

10.   Enlist in a free city tour

Cities all over Europe provide guided tours of their most famous attractions for free. Depending on how well the tour guide entertained you, that’s the only time you’ll be shelling out something as a tip; though, not really mandatory.

Europe has a lot to offer, but it can be quite expensive. Observe these budget-friendly tips and you’ll be enjoying your tour of Europe a lot better.

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