7 of Europe’s Best Outdoor Destinations

When planning your trip to Europe, make sure to not limit yourself to only visiting the cities. You will be amazed at the natural beauty these countries have to offer! Whether it is only for a day trip to the outdoors or whether you want to take an adventure-filled holiday exploring these scenic locations, you will not regret spending the time away from the museums.

Outdoor Destinations For Your Bucket List

1. Asturias, Spain

The northern coast of Spain might not be the ultimate beach destination outside of summer due to the cooler Atlantic, but it offers a majestic landscape that cannot be missed. The contrast between the quiet beaches and the mountains not too far away can promise you travel photos that seem surreal. There are only small fishing villages and ports in the area, so you can enjoy some peace and tranquility.

If you are, however, looking for more exciting, then head to Ribadesella in the east to explore the 3 prehistoric caves of Cuevas del Agua, Tito Bustillo, and Argüelles. Not only is exploring the caves fun, but you will see some drawings painted by the locals over 14,000 years ago.

2. Provence, France

This is no hidden gem, which is why tourists include this region on their travel plans year after year. If the beaches of the Mediterranean are not enough, you can explore some local vineyards and lie down on the vast lavender fields found in the area. There are also no big cities in the area but the local towns are worth checking out, like Avignon and its city walls.

3. Franconia, Germany

While it is lesser known to most visitors to Germany, the Romantic Road is a road trip to the past and the traditions that continue to this day. The river valleys and the scenic hills fill most of the drive, though you get to pass by some medieval towns and cities along the way. You can also do a wine tour, sipping within view of the vineyards these wines originated from.

4. Tuscany, Italy

The heartland of Italy is frequented by people across the world because very few regions out there offer the top beauties of this destination. The cities and towns along the way are full of World Heritage Sites, and it is truly like being back in the olden days. Traditions are kept here, even pressing olive oil without any fancy equipment.

5. Hampshire, England

Less than 2 hours away from London is a woodland that is now a popular National Park. Here the forest grows wild and people can truly enjoy being outdoors. You will never run out of picturesue corners to explore here.

6. Tyrol, Austria

A trip to the European outdoors can never be complete without seeing the Alps. Not only will the fresh air cure you of any physical or spiritual ailment but the views in Tyrol themselves will make you forget every single worry and stressful moment.

7. Douro Valley, Portugal

Another relative unknown destination, its vineyards make you feel lost in a sea of green during summertime. Moreover, the views of the Duoro River are so picture-perfect that you will worry about ending up with no storage space left for more shots.

The outdoors are a huge part of the lifestyle of Europeans, with most heading out of the cities every chance they get. Whether you just want to avoid the usual tourist trap or truly love nature, then going out is the best way to enjoy your European trip.

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