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disabled sailing

Best Places in the UK for Accessible Holidays

The new normal may allow us to go out to some of the places around the UK. However, it’s going to be challenging especially for those with physical disabilities. It’s a good thing there are places in the country that are accessible. You will be able to get some fresh air and enjoy scenic views and experience art and culture once more.

Sky Den, Northumberland, Hexham

The Sky Den is an innovative design featuring a modern treehouse in the middle of the woods. you will enjoy the outdoors as well as the breathtaking view of Northumberland’s Kielder Water and Forest Park. This accessible place by George Clarke also holds a multifunctional space. Activities including building one’s self-esteem and self-worth as … Read More

Lesser-Known National Parks in America

While the very popular national parks are home to well-known landmarks and natural wonders, the hordes of tourists can make a visit unpleasant instead of unforgettable. Thus, you might want to try out these national parks instead.

1. Isle Royale National Park, Michigan

The Isle Royale National Park is remote and isolated, which is why it is the perfect place for some peace and quiet as opposed to the tourists flocking the Grand Canyon, for example. While the still waters of Lake Superior might calm you, it is still a place for a huge adventure, from kayaking to hiking.

2. Wrangell-St Elias National Park, Alaska

This National Park is humongous, so huge that it is bigger than both the Yosemite … Read More

The Top Campsites In Australia

The Australian outdoors is best enjoyed by camping out under the stars, so consider these top camping spots in the country.

1. Camping By The Beach On North Stradbroke Island

Straddie, as the island is better known, is really a top choice for camping. One of the reasons is easy access from Brisbane. But it is also because of the surf beaches where the sun shines the whole day. Add the coastal walks and the kangaroos roaming around, and you will have a unique camping experience that is also unforgettable. You can set up at Cylinder Beach Camping Ground or Adder Rock Camping Ground.

2. Stargaze At Noose North Shore

Noosa is known for the beach but you can try … Read More

Enjoy Malaysia’s Great Outdoors with These Activities

Tropical destinations offer amazing outdoor quests that every adventurer must try. And what better place to start the adventure than the tourist-friendly Southeast Asian wonders of Malaysia? Home to budget locations and breathtaking natural landscapes, the Malaysian tourism industry is filled with experiential, food, culture, and adventure packages. The sky’s the limit for outdoor possibilities. Topping the list are the following:

Tracing Forest Trails

Simple yet experiential, trekking tops the list of wanderlust souls. There’s no need to jump for the long and hard Mt. Kinabalu trails. Go for doable carved hiking trails like the Bukit Gasing Forest Park in Petaling Jaya. Away from the capital, this serenely beautiful refuge lets you enjoy safe walks, great views, and quiet encounters … Read More

7 of Europe’s Best Outdoor Destinations

When planning your trip to Europe, make sure to not limit yourself to only visiting the cities. You will be amazed at the natural beauty these countries have to offer! Whether it is only for a day trip to the outdoors or whether you want to take an adventure-filled holiday exploring these scenic locations, you will not regret spending the time away from the museums.

Outdoor Destinations For Your Bucket List 1. Asturias, Spain

The northern coast of Spain might not be the ultimate beach destination outside of summer due to the cooler Atlantic, but it offers a majestic landscape that cannot be missed. The contrast between the quiet beaches and the mountains not too far away can promise you … Read More

Taipei’s Top Attractions

In the quiet island of Taiwan, tourists will be amazed at what its capital has to offer. Foodies will love the street food scene, shoppers can look for deals at the night markets, and enjoy the hospitality of the Taiwanese. Most of all, these top Taipei tourist attractions will surely fill any visitor’s itinerary for the whole trip.

1. Taipei 101 Building

For 6 years, this skyscraper was the tallest building in the whole world. But beyond being another skyscraper, it is also a LEED-certified building, the tallest one to have the certification. It also provides an unparalleled view of the whole city. Taipei 101 is divided into 8 segments, with 8 floors each. In Chinese culture, the number 8 … Read More


The Top 5 Cottage Holiday Destinations in George, South Africa

George in South Africa is an epic spot for exploring the country’s Garden Route and stunning coastline and mountains. If you like a vacation with adventure and time spent in the great outdoors, this small town makes the perfect base camp. Like the other great adventure destinations such as Fort William in Scotland, Park City in the USA and Chamonix in France, George is another dream destination for outdoor enthusiasts. But where can you find affordable accommodation in George, South Africa? If you are the adventurous and budget-conscious type, try the numerous cottages in the area. Most offer the comforts of home but unlike hotels, you have to cook for yourself. Don’t worry, these cottages come equipped with cooking facilities. … Read More


The 5 Most Daring Theme Park Rides in the World

Have you ever experienced planning a trip abroad and one of your friends or family members suggest going to an amusement park? Chances are that this suggestion will be shot down by one person saying “Theme parks are the same wherever you go! Why spend so much on something you can experience back in our country?”

Well, to prove them wrong, there are actually theme parks that are very unique. Some are known for their extravagance and their effects while others are known for having the most thrilling rides. If you’re one of those thrill-seekers looking for action-packed rides, then you should consult this article so you can start adding them to your bucket list.

The Coloss us Rollercoaster at… Read More
sea view restaurant

Top 5 Restaurants in the World with Breathtaking Sea Views

Some prefer fine dining amidst tall buildings and the sound of traffic gridlock while others prefer the serenity of the beach, sweeping blue waters, cotton candy-shaped clouds above, and the gentle touch of a mild breeze brushing against your face. If you’re of the latter type, then you simply must get ready to dine in the top five restaurants in the world with truly breathtaking sea views.

Club Dauphin, The French Riviera  The coast of the Mediterranean is home to many world-class restaurants that feature a fusion of classical European and exotic African cuisines. But when it comes to the best, there’s nothing quite like the Club Dauphin overlooking the pearl blue waters of the Mediterranean, perched atop the … Read More

Bagan, Myanmar

Off the Beaten Track in Asia

It is incredibly difficult to come up with a list of 10 must-see places in Asia, given the entire vastness of this continent. From the landscape to the climate, the languages and the cultures, the variations are huge. Add the long history that has been recorded in many of the Asian countries, and your head will be full of information from every trip. Still, if you would like a taste of history, culture, and landscape, here are some places you can start with that are not the usual tourist traps.

Bagan, Myanmar

Back in its heyday, this was the center of thousands of Buddhist temples. Built around the 12th century, visitors to Bagan can still see what remains of the … Read More