Enjoy Malaysia’s Great Outdoors with These Activities

Tropical destinations offer amazing outdoor quests that every adventurer must try. And what better place to start the adventure than the tourist-friendly Southeast Asian wonders of Malaysia? Home to budget locations and breathtaking natural landscapes, the Malaysian tourism industry is filled with experiential, food, culture, and adventure packages. The sky’s the limit for outdoor possibilities. Topping the list are the following:

Tracing Forest Trails

Simple yet experiential, trekking tops the list of wanderlust souls. There’s no need to jump for the long and hard Mt. Kinabalu trails. Go for doable carved hiking trails like the Bukit Gasing Forest Park in Petaling Jaya. Away from the capital, this serenely beautiful refuge lets you enjoy safe walks, great views, and quiet encounters with the different plants and trees. At the end of the 45-minute Mt Kinabalu trail, albeit steep, you reach a temple and a watch tower – both equally captivating, making every step worthwhile.

Swimming and Trekking Combination

You could very well add camping and swimming through the Tanjung Aru beach to your itinerary. But since outdoor exploration includes visiting the natural nooks and crannies unique to a destination, taking the 100-square kilometer magnificence of Langkawi Kilim GeoForest Park is a must-try in Malaysia. It offers boat rides, underground sightseeing, rustic mangrove expeditions, and relaxing walks – the perfect combination of water and land adventures. Tip: A nearby public beach, best known for its calm and clear waters, is even available to anyone who has the extra energy to paddle through open waters.

Whitewater Rafting

Options for adrenaline-pumping wild rafting rides are aplenty. The popular ones, probably even considered as Malaysian adventure staples, include the guided adventures in Kuala Kubu Bharu and Ulu Slim, Kuala Lumpur. Yet if you aim for a less-crowded scenery and a lower expense trip, the whitewater rafting in Kiulu, Sabah should be your top pick. Available local guides offer full briefing and city transports. It’s best for families to enjoy the river thrill during the summer months, from March to May, to experience a smoother flow.

Flying Through Rope Adventures

Not afraid of heights? You can try to see the world from the floating hot air balloon in Putrajaya. Or better yet, go for rope courses and experience varying degrees of hanging obstacles in Skytrex Adventure in Langkawi or the moderately extreme waterfall abseiling in Sungai Pisang, Gombak. Both can be exciting challenges, depending on your skill and adventure thirst. If you crave for a winning water-earth-and-air combo, then surely you should the waterfall escapade. Join groups of other rappelling junkies to save costs, meet new friends, and double the fun.

Caving and More Caving

Walking through caves can be a family affair, too. The choices for safe caving explorations are several, and sadly, it’s impossible to visit each spot during short vacations. Limiting your options to the mystical religious cave shrines of Gua Tempurung in KL and of Batu Cave in Selangor or to the two Sarawak cave delights already satisfy your craving. In Sarawak, you’ll find the underground chamber of Gua Nasib Bagus (aka the Good Luck Cave) that grants tourists a quick water splash as a reward for walking through the massive, intricately stalagmite- and stalactite-filled space. And of course, the Deer Cave, known for its grand passage and unique sightings.

Indeed, what beauty will a scenery serve if you don’t experience the adventure it offers? Feast on the views and savor the exhilarating experience of every Malaysian outdoor activity.

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