Taipei’s Top Attractions

In the quiet island of Taiwan, tourists will be amazed at what its capital has to offer. Foodies will love the street food scene, shoppers can look for deals at the night markets, and enjoy the hospitality of the Taiwanese. Most of all, these top Taipei tourist attractions will surely fill any visitor’s itinerary for the whole trip.

1. Taipei 101 Building

For 6 years, this skyscraper was the tallest building in the whole world. But beyond being another skyscraper, it is also a LEED-certified building, the tallest one to have the certification. It also provides an unparalleled view of the whole city. Taipei 101 is divided into 8 segments, with 8 floors each. In Chinese culture, the number 8 represents prosperity, abundance, and good fortune.

2. National Palace Museum

The National Palace Museum and the Palace Museum in Beijing’s Forbidden City have the same roots. Its collection of artifacts and artworks representing 10,000 years of China’s history is impressive, dating from the Neolithic age all the way to the late Qing Dynasty. Moreover, many of the pieces were in the collections of Chinese emperors.

3. Mengjia Longshan Temple

Without a doubt the most famous temple in Taiwan, it was built by Fujian settlers back in 1738. Beyond being a place of worship, Chinese settlers gathered here as well. Despite the wars and natural disasters since then, the temple remained strong, thanks to the locals’ efforts of rebuilding and restoring it.

4. Shilin Night Market

The evening does not mean the end of fun in Taipai, as tourists can continue to feast and shop at this night market. While there are tons of products to buy, most visitors come here for the local street food.

5. XiMenDing & Red House Theatre

This spot is always drawing people, whether to watch the street performances, check out the innovative stores, or to try out the themed restaurants. The Red House Theatre also houses indie art shops and even popular Taiwanese pop stars showing up for an album-signing event!

6. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall

Dr. Sun Yat-Set is the national founding father and this hall was built to commemorate him and his high morale and conduct.

7. Lin Family Mansion & Garden

The Lin Family Mansion and Garden located in Banciao showcases the architecture of southern China. Owned by one of the most influential families on the island, this 20,000 square meter property can be explored by tourists when they hire a tour guide.

8. Dan Shui & Fort San Domingo

Perfect for a day trip outside of Taipei, Danshui is a beautiful riverside town that has picturesque scenery and delicious street food. Beyond that, the town is full of history for being the site of Fort San Domingo, whose name comes from the first fort the Spanish built in 1628.

Taiwan is a gem for tourists looking for a destination that makes both the eyes and the stomach happy. From historical spots to towering skyscrapers, street food, and Taiwanese pop, visitors should remember to plan enough days to be able to see them all!

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