The 5 Most Daring Theme Park Rides in the World

Have you ever experienced planning a trip abroad and one of your friends or family members suggest going to an amusement park? Chances are that this suggestion will be shot down by one person saying “Theme parks are the same wherever you go! Why spend so much on something you can experience back in our country?”

Well, to prove them wrong, there are actually theme parks that are very unique. Some are known for their extravagance and their effects while others are known for having the most thrilling rides. If you’re one of those thrill-seekers looking for action-packed rides, then you should consult this article so you can start adding them to your bucket list.

The Coloss us Rollercoaster at Thorpe Park

Located in Surrey, UK, the Colossus rollercoaster at Thorpe Park is one of the most thrilling rides you’ll ever experience. If you get a glimpse of the actual ride, you’ll wonder why it’s scary. In fact, it isn’t so scary as it is nauseating. With the many loops and upside downs you’ll experience along the ride, it’s almost impossible for you to walk in a straight line when you get down. Tip: don’t ride this rollercoaster on a full stomach.


GeForce at Holiday Park

With a lot of serious people in their country, you would think that Germans wouldn’t bother riding rollercoasters. But you’re wrong there. The Expedition GeForce in Holiday Park takes you to a very diverse geometrical ride. What sets it apart from other rollercoasters is that the whole ride is filled with different angles and the 82-degree angle that you’ll pass.

Formula Rossa at Ferrari World

Of course, Ferrari World wouldn’t miss a chance to showcase the high speeds they can make with engines. Brought to you by the brand that is known for its legacy in Formula 1 racing, Formula Rossa is famous for reaching a 149 mph speed in its ride. The whole ride is so fast that the people sitting at the very front are required to wear protective glasses. Ever wonder how Formula Rossa does it? Well, it’s all in their hydraulics.

Takabisha at Fuji-Q Highland

Just outside Mt. Fuji is the steepest rollercoaster that any man could ever ride. Located at Fuji-Q Highland Theme Park, the rollercoaster is said to have you drop at a 121-degree angle. Although not as near as a straight line, the steepness already terrifies a lot of people. To add to the excitement, the ride starts by dropping you to a pitch black area where you start your heart-stopping journey.


X2 at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Formerly called as ‘X’, X2 is the first 4D roller coaster in the whole world. Located at Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park in Santa Clarita, California. What makes it 4D?

Aside from the usual loops and drops most roller coasters have, X2 brings your ride to the next level by allowing your actual seat to rotate at 360 degrees going forward and backward! Most thrill-seekers have commended this ride for giving them one of the best nerve-wrecking experiences they have had. If you aren’t thrilled with loops and drops, then this might also be the ride for you.

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