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Top 5 Restaurants in the World with Breathtaking Sea Views

Some prefer fine dining amidst tall buildings and the sound of traffic gridlock while others prefer the serenity of the beach, sweeping blue waters, cotton candy-shaped clouds above, and the gentle touch of a mild breeze brushing against your face. If you’re of the latter type, then you simply must get ready to dine in the top five restaurants in the world with truly breathtaking sea views.

Club Dauphin, The French Riviera 
The coast of the Mediterranean is home to many world-class restaurants that feature a fusion of classical European and exotic African cuisines. But when it comes to the best, there’s nothing quite like the Club Dauphin overlooking the pearl blue waters of the Mediterranean, perched atop the cliffs where the Grand Hotel du Cap-Ferrat stands. Club Dauphin is actually a poolside restaurant lined with luxurious cabanas, providing you with the best seats in the land where you can watch dolphins and whales play down below.

Fish House, Oahu 
Forget the pineapples when you get to Oahu. Known for using only the freshest local catch, the Fish House is the best when it comes to humongous, mouthwatering seafood towers as well as Hawaiian style clam- and lobster-bakes. It’s great for the family especially when sharing seafood or two with your toes firmly planted in the fine sand that blanket the resort. Sunset cocktails are a must-have, although the ocean view in itself is already food for the soul.

Four Seasons Resort, Bora Bora
If you want to surprise the love of your life, bringing him or her to the Polynesian island of Bora Bora is an absolute must. At the Four Seasons Resort, you get to enjoy a very romantic dinner set in a very small private island just for the two of you. Lagoon waters surround your dining table with breathtaking view of the majestic Mount Otemanu. It’s an unforgettable evening designed to bring magic into your life.

Bleu, Casablanca
You may think Maine Belons are the best when it comes to oysters, but wait until you’ve sampled Morocco’s Dakhla oysters served at the Bleu. Savor the richness of this delicacy as you take in the stunning views of the Atlantic with the silhouette of the El Hank lighthouse providing a spectacular contrast. Oysters are not only the best dish here. You can also try their sea bass tartare or even their sea bream sashimi while enjoying the beautiful Moroccan sunset.

Bambou, Mauritius
If you’re looking for fantastic views of the Indian Ocean while savoring the richness of cuisines with Indian, African, European, and Asian influences, then Bambou in Anahita, Mauritius is the best restaurant to dine in. Zilwa Night is one feast you don’t want to miss. It’s arguably the best time to sample a multitude of local Mauritian cuisine. You can try their chicken and prawn curry or even the heart of palm salad, complete with savory smoked marlin.

These seaside restaurants are just five of the world’s best. We’re pretty sure there are others out there but at these are great places to start with.

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