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    When we started this blog, our aim was to create one of the most authoritative outdoors blogs in the world. We wanted to create awesome content to encourage people to get out and enjoy the great outdoors whether at home of on vacation. Well it takes time to gain momentum and authority with any blog. So in the meantime, we’ve sourced this amazing article on the best outdoors blogs which is from a great site called Winfield Outdoors.

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    Last year, we rounded up some of the best outdoor blogs, Instagram and Twitter accounts for 2016 to celebrate the amazing work done by bloggers and website owners to celebrate the great outdoors and get more people out and about.

    We’ve decided to do the same for 2017 and suggest some blogs and social media accounts you should definitely check out if you’re looking for tips, advice, or just a little inspiration for spending time outdoors.

    It’s quite a comprehensive list, so it should give you plenty of reading for throughout the year, and we’ve separated it up into general outdoor blogscampinghiking & walkingclimbingskiing & snowboardingcaravanning & campervan, and travel. This year we’ve also included a section on outdoor activities & health blogs that covers things like cycling and running.

    Here we go…

    The best general outdoor blogs

    Fiona Outdoors

    Scottish blogger Fiona just loves being outdoors! Her site covers all manners of outdoor activities, including running, cycling, walking, and much more. Plenty of inspiration for getting fit and healthy.

    The Girl Outdoors

    On top of being a very nicely designed site, The Girl Outdoors features some fantastic content, including product reviews, videos and competitions, for ‘anyone who loves adventures’. That’s you, right?

    Get Out With The Kids

    If you want to spend more time outside with your children, then Get Out With The Kids, is a great site to check out, with plenty of helpful tips and advice for enjoying the great outdoors with your family.

    Outdoor Women’s Alliance

    The Outdoor Women’s Alliance is a great site for inspiring and giving advice to women wanting to get out and about more. There’s a fantastic community for everyone, no matter where in the world you are.

    View From an Urban Lake

    This site covers all all sorts of great content that covers all your regular topics around camping and such, but then also goes a little bit more in-depth on certain areas, such as how to photograph certain wildlife.

    Cool of the Wild

    Another very nicely designed site, Cool of the Wild covers various outdoor topics, including reviews of the latest gear, and plenty of inspiration that will make you want to head outside and see the world.

    Dirtbag Darling

    There are some stunning photos on Dirtbag Darling, and plenty of top quality content to boot. Whether you’re into campervans, trail running, or just seeing some stunning scenery, there’s plenty on here to keep you company.

    Trail Cooking

    Of course, cooking is a huge part of being outdoors, and Trail Cooking is a great blog if you want to get some inspiration for you next al fresco dining experience.

    Zo Outdoors

    This is primarily a travel site and features some of blog owner Zoe’s trips around the UK and further afield, but it also features some great stuff on hiking, cycling, swimming, and more.

    Splodz Blogz

    If you want some real inspiration on getting outdoors, then Splodz Blogz is a great website. It features accounts from trips all over the world, as well as personal challenges and a bucket list of amazing things to tick off.

    The Urban Wanderer

    From Manchester, The Urban Wanderer has some great articles about local walks and those a little further afield. Also features posts about get out and about in the city as well as the countryside.

    The Thrifty Magpie’s Nest

    Jenni from The Thrifty Magpie’s Nest seems to love just about every outdoor activity imaginable, and many of them are showcased on the site, from photography and rock climbing to hiking and meeting up with other bloggers.

    The Adventure Blog

    What makes The Adventure Blog a little different is that it focuses on actual news and commentary on the world of adventuring, so if you want to improve your knowledge a little, definitely check this site out.


    See Outside

    There are some fantastic posts on See Outside from around the world, including the Far East, as well as those closer to home. Plus there are gear reviews and other interesting articles.


    The Wandering Lens

    The Wandering Lens is a brilliant outdoors site with a photography angle, showcasing some amazing pictures from all over the world. Beware: you’ll get serious wanderlust after seeing some of the stuff on here.


    Travelling Australia With Kids

    If you fancy packing up and going down under for a spot of travelling, then TAWK will give you plenty of inspiration, especially if you have children. Loads of great info about where to go, what to do and what to see.


    Modern Outdoors


    Gone Outdoors

    The Nature Conservancy

    Wildlife Planet


    Guyrope Gourmet

    Bear Grylls

    Outside Magazine

    National Trust


    Woman camping standing next to lantern and tent

    Best Camping Blogs

    Camping With Style

    Of course camping is high on the agenda at Camping With Style, but there are other great outdoor-related articles on there too. A fantastic resource for lovers of the great outdoors.

    Camping & Caravanning UK

    If you’re looking for a campsite in the UK, then this directory is a great place to start, with sites that accept tents, motorhomes, caravans, pets, and more. Also covers glamping if you prefer your pamperings.

    The Camping Guy

    It might not be updated very often, but there’s some really good advice over on The Camping Guy. Worth having a scan for some quick tips.

    Cool Camping

    Cool Camping is one of the biggest and best camping directories around, with a wealth of info and advice, and their blog is pretty good too, especially if you’re not sure where you want to stay next.

    Go Camping Australia

    Heading Down Under, the Go Camping Australia blog has loads of great advice, and if you’re reading this from Oz, there are plenty of competitions for you to enter too.

    50 Campfires

    A fantastic camping authority, you shouldn’t go camping without checking out some of their great advice. Features new camping tips every Tuesday.

    Inspired Camping

    Covering all sorts of topics, Inspired Camping has lots of interesting articles, including the very fashionable trend of glamping.


    Camping with Dogs

    Camping With Cats

    Camping Daily


    Camping Collective


    Camping Magazine

    Inspired Camping

    Cool Camping



    Three people hiking in a forest at sunset

    Best Hiking & Walking Blogs

    Halfway Hike

    Halfway Hike is a great site if you want to check out some of the best walks the UK has to offer, complete with some fantastic photography.


    If you want some great advice on walking and hiking gear, then this site is a great place to check out, with reviews on all kinds of kit to help you make more informed decisions.

    The Big Outside

    Although based in the US, Michael Lanza’s blog, The Big Outside, ventures to all sorts of far flung corners of the globe, so is well worth a read if you’re wanting to spread your wings a little.

    Hiking in Finland

    Finland might not be a country on your list of places to visit, but judging by this blog, perhaps it should be! There are some wonderful accounts of trips around Finland, as well as a few other hiking trips around Europe.

    Hiking Forward

    “Get busy living or get busy dying” it says on Hiking Forward, which just about sums it up – a real passion for the outdoors and seeing everything that nature has to offer.

    Baby Routes

    Hiking when you have a young family isn’t always easy, but Kate and her Baby Routes website shows that it can most definitely be done. Take a look for loads of tips and recommended walks.

    Section Hiker

    You will have to take a trip across the pond to experience the walks featured on Section Hiker, but it’s still filled with heaps of great advice and gear reviews.

    The Helpful Hiker

    The Helpful Hiker is exactly that – helpful! It has a real family feel to it, so is perfect if you’re after advice on camping with little ones.

    Nordic Walking UK

    For those wanting to try their hand at Nordic walking, this site is a great place to start, with plenty of helpful tips and advice on what gear to use and the communities you can join.

    Walking The Blog

    Not only does this site feature a whole host of fantastic walks, but they’re accompanied by some really brilliant photographs as well, making you really want to get on your boots and head outside.

    The Trek

    The Trek is focused on thru-hikers and sharing their stories, so if you fancy heading out and doing some long-distance backpacking, this is a great site to check out.

    Coastal Walker

    If you like your walks down by the sea, then Coastal Walker is a great blog – although there are plenty of other places featured as well!

    Hill Explorer

    If you’re stuck for places in the UK to go hiking or walking, then Hill Explorer will sort you out for a good while. There are some fantastic walks featured in the Peak District, Snowdonia, the Midlands, and beyond.


    I Heart Hiking

    This Aussie blog shows just what an amazing country Australia is for hiking and walking, with so many different types of landscape and terrain to enjoy.


    Hiking Culture

    Hiking With Dogs

    Hiking Dogs of Instagram

    The Real Hiking Viking

    Fat Girls Hiking




    The Hiking Center

    Trail Magazine


    Woman rock climbing on an overhang

    Best Climbing Blogs

    Dave Macleod

    One of the UK’s foremost climbers, Dave Macleod’s blog is regularly updated with his various exploits and is well worth a look for beginners and experts.

    For The Love Of Climbing

    There are some fantastic articles on For The Love Of Climbing, covering everything your everyday climber would want to know.

    Weigh My Rack

    Weigh My Rack features ones of the most comprehensive selections of climbing gear reviews around, and some brilliant climbing articles to boot, so it’s definitely worth checking out whether you’re just starting out or have been climbing for years.

    Great Escape. Nick Bullock.

    Some of the routes and photos on Nick Bullock’s site look amazing, and will give you plenty of inspiration, particularly if you’re transitioning from climbing wall to the great outdoors.

    Once Upon A Climb

    The climbing team of Caroline & James seems to be a pretty great one judging by this fantastic site. Take a look at their various climbing stories and get inspired to start one of your own.


    Rock Climbing Addict

    Climbing Worldwide

    Climb Girls

    Mina Leslie-Wujastyk

    Master Climbing


    All Climbing

    UK Climbing

    Alex Honnold

    Sasha DiGiulian

    Kevin Jorgeson

    Snowboarder sitting down in the snow

    Best Skiing & Snowboarding Blogs


    PlanetSKI features loads of great articles about skiing, including sporting news and snow reports, so whether you just have an interest in the sport or are a skier yourself, there’s plenty to go at.


    There’s plenty of interesting blog posts on Welove2ski, especially good for beginners or those who don’t have that much experience. However, there’s still some great stuff for experts as well.

    The Backcountry Skiing Blog

    There’s a fantastic community on The Backcountry Skiing blog, so if you’re looking for tips and advice on anything related to backcountry skiing.

    Unofficial Alpine

    As well as some general snowsport posts, there is also a fair amount of info about the weather and snow conditions, which is, of course, hugely beneficial.

    Henry’s Avalanche Talk

    Safety is absolutely paramount when on the slopes and Henry’s Avalanche Talk will give you vital information about snow reports and how to stay safe when skiing and snowboarding.

    There’s a wealth of information on, covering pretty much everything from the best ski resorts to the latest gear reviews.


    For all the snowboarding tips, tricks and articles you need, Whitelines is hard to beat. Articles include the best tricks and advancements in the sport and its gear.


    Skiing Magazine

    Oakley Skiing

    TransWorld Snowboarding

    Jenny Jones

    Snowboarding Trickz


    Chris Davenport

    Lindsey Vonn

    Snowsport England

    Onboard Snowboarding

    Louie Vito

    front of a green vw camper

    Best Caravanning & Campervan Blogs


    Van-life is more a collection of images in one handy place, but it’s still worth checking out for some inspiration on what you could do with your van.

    Van Dog Traveller

    Fancy quitting your job and converting a van to travel the world? Well that’s exactly the story told by Van Dog Traveller. Perhaps you could do the same!

    Build a Campervan

    If you’ve ever wanted to do up a campervan then this site could be just what you need, with a number of conversation guides and other useful articles.

    Caravan Chronicles

    For those looking for straight answers about caravanning life, then Caravan Chronicles is a great site, and is one of the leading blogs on the subject.

    Two If Overland

    Previously known as the Living VANdal, Two If Overland features plenty of handy information, and you can chart their fantastic journey around the US.

    Tiny House, Tiny Footprint

    Tiny House, Tiny Footprint is a fantastic blog, featuring loads of great articles, but it also has a focus on conservation and reducing your carbon footprint, which is always welcome. They also have a podcast you can listen to.

    Practical Caravan

    If caravanning is your thing then Practical Caravan has some great advice – well worth checking out for topics covering pretty much all bases.

    Caravanning With Kids

    The clue is in the name with this one! So if you’re setting out with a caravan and some children in tow, take a look at some of the advice on this Aussie-based website.


    Campervan Vibes

    Campervan Culture

    VW Camper

    Camping & Caravanning Club

    Project Van Life


    VW Campervans

    Camping & Caravanning Club

    Caravan Magazine

    Campervan Brewery

    Caravan & Motorhome Show

    Hitchhiker thumbing a ride in a forest

    Best Travel Blogs

    Girl Gone Travel

    If you want all sorts of great travel tips and accounts of trips around the world, then Girl Gone Travel is a great site. There’s also some great food blogs on there too!

    Bucket List Journey

    Many of us have a bucket list in our heads of things we’d love to do and see, but Annette from Bucket List Journey is actually living hers and it looks fantastic! Get inspired to tick a few things off your list!

    Expert Vagabond

    Some people say they like travelling but actually mean they just like going on holiday. However, for a truly global travel site, then Expert Vagabond is fantastic.

    Bearfoot Theory

    Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or a newbie just starting out, Bearfoot Theory has plenty to go at, including some great photos and videos.

    Monkeys & Mountains

    Monkeys & Mountains is all about adventure holidays, so if you fancy reading about walking up volcanoes then you’ll find plenty of that kind of thing here – although there’s lots of regular travel articles well worth a read too.

    Just One Way Ticket

    Just One Way Ticket is a lovely looking site and features some amazing photography that will really give you itchy feet and discover your wanderlust.


    One of the best things about Traveldudes is that it has a handy switch at the top of the page that switches the content between guide books and social travel, meaning there’s something for everyone.

    Two Monkeys Travel Group

    Another fabulously designed site, Two Monkeys is all about learning to live a sustainable travel lifestyle, and proves that anyone can do it if they really want.

    The Travel Hack

    A great blog featuring all sorts of helpful articles, from what to do in Paris to how to eat sustainable lobster in North Wales!

    Global Grasshopper

    Covering everywhere from Austria to America to Ireland and everywhere in between, Global Grasshopper really is global! A fantastic mix of articles that will have you adding destinations to your travel list faster than you can cope with.

    Mini Travellers

    A perfect site for those wanting to do some travelling but are worried about having children with them. This proves that seeing the world with your kids is definitely possible.

    Pommie Travels

    As well as having a whole host of great articles to read about travelling, Pommie travels also features some brilliant videos to really get you packing your suitcase and jetting off.

    Mummy Travels

    Another great site that proves travel with kids is not only possible but actually fantastic. Some really interesting articles covering countries all over the world, often with a child focus.


    National Geographic Travel

    Travel Awesome

    Travelling With Us

    Backpacking Culture

    Twins That Travel


    The Travel Magazine

    BBC Travel

    Conde Nast Traveller

    Dave & Deb

    Adventure Girl

    Man running in a forest in autumn

    Best Outdoor Activity & Health Blogs

    Lizzie Outside

    When Lizzie was diagnosed with cancer, she decided to quit her job and get out and about more, improving her health and seeing the world. Her articles and photos are pretty inspiring and well worth a look.

    Trail Jenny

    While there’s all sorts of outdoor related stuff on this site (and some amazing looking recipes), one of the key topics is trail running, so if you enjoy running off the beaten track, it’s definitely a site to check out.

    Miss Wheezy

    A self-confessed ‘asthmatic fitness enthusiast’, Miss Wheezy has some great articles about a range of activities, including cycling, running, yoga, and more.

    Paddle Pedal Pace

    For those of you who’d love to do a triathlon, there’s loads of great info and inspiration over at Paddle Pedal Pace. It’ll definitely make you want to get out in the water/on the road/on the track.


    There’s a plethora of interesting info on Tailfish, all focused around making your life healthier and more organised, so if you could do with getting everything in order, take a look.

    Run Eat Repeat

    Running and eating are two things that many people just love to do, so this blog could be just for you, featuring loads of brilliant running advice, whether you’re just setting off or love doing ultras.

    Shut Up & Run!

    If you have a passion for running then you absolutely have to check out Shut Up & Run! It features running and races from all over the world, and will make you want to push yourself that little bit harder.


    As the site itself says, Sorelimbs is an “honest, gloat-free runner’s blog charting the highs, lows, blisters and epiphanies of a once-obese heavy drinker and smoker who turned to marathon running for salvation.” Think that about sums it up perfectly!

    Ordinary Cycling Girl

    Penned as a women’s cycling blog, there’s plenty of inspiration and advice for anyone who loves life and travel on two wheels.

    Red Wine Runner

    Another great running blog, particularly if you’re a fan of marathons and ultra marathons. And even if you’re not, it’s still well worth a read!

    As Easy As Riding A Bike

    A cycling blog with a little bit of a difference as it puts a big focus on cycling safety and how to cycling around busy urban areas, which will surely offer plenty of useful information to a lot of people.


    More of a magazine format than a blog, Singletrack is a brilliant bike site, covering where and what you should be riding. Definitely worth reading if you have even a passing interest.

    Fat Girl To Ironman

    If you’re looking for inspiration to get off your backside, lose weight and get healthy, then this could be the site for you. You’ll be motivated to go running, cycling, or whatever else you fancy to shed some pounds and lead a healthier lifestyle.


    Trail Running Magazine

    Danny Macaskill

    British Cycling

    London Marathon

    Ironman Triathlon


    parkrun UK

    junior parkrun UK

    Cycling Weekly

    Mountain Biking UK

    The Body Coach