5 Most Popular Skydiving Places in the World

The scariest part of skydiving is the first few seconds you have before you jump off and out to the clouds. You feel your heart start to race and sometimes panic sets in. But when you do take that leap, you will find that there is more to the world than buildings, cars, and the internet. Skydiving makes you feel free as a bird and at the same time, it makes you grateful for the world that unfolds beneath you.

There are a lot of skydiving places in the world, but here are the 5 most popular destinations where it’s not just the sport that will get you giddy with excitement, but also the breathtaking scenery.

Interlaken, Switzerland

If you are looking for a more non-conventional way of appreciating the snow-capped Swiss Alps, then you could try skydiving at Interlaken. You will be able to see snow-capped mountains stretching beneath you. You can also catch a glimpse of Austria, Germany, and France as you go gliding down. Another plus for Interlaken is that it has been one of the most affordable places to experience this extreme sport.

Fox Glacier, New Zealand

Home to extreme sports, New Zealand offers a lot of skydiving places catering to both beginners and veterans. However, the best place to go skydiving is the Fox Glacier because it features the 8-mile Franz Josef Glacier, the Tasman Sea, and a number of lakes. The landscape is simply amazing especially when there is fog seen around the area. You don’t even have to worry if it’s your first time because they have the best instructors at Fox Glacier.

Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Making its way to the list is a drop at Palm Jumeirah, one of the world’s man-made peninsulas. Dubai also holds international skydiving competitions that already tell you how great it is to experience skydiving in the area. From the helicopter, you can get to see the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. You can also drop along the Arabian Sea where you can enjoy Dubai’s colorful nightlife.

Wollongong, Australia

Like the Palm Jumeirah, Wollongong is a skydive that gives you a view of the scenic beaches of Sydney Australia. Not only that but at around 15,000 feet from land, you can get to see the whole of Sydney. However, it is one of the rare drops where you can choose to land on the beach itself where you can directly go for a dip. While on air, you might even catch a glimpse of the dolphins along the coastline.

Mount Everest, Nepal

This list will not be complete without the highest drop in the world. Skydiving at Mt. Everest is definitely not for the faint-hearted as a drop from here is at an altitude of 29,500 feet above the ground. Aside from this, it is also one of the most expensive since drops are only made four times a year. Once you try it, not only will you get bragging rights for surviving and being a daredevil, but you also get to see the wonder of the Himalayas.

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